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Bacteriostatic Facial Tissue

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Bacteriostatic Facial Tissue,Facial Tissue,Facial Tissue Paper Why facial tissues? Facial tissue papers, also known as paper handkerchiefs or plain old tissues, are used every day by millions of people. Facial tissues are very useful for both home and work due to their convenience and remarkable strength. Uses for facial tissue paper Facial tissues are an essential beauty product and a staple in every woman's makeup kit. Paper tissues can be used as a facial blotter at work due to their soft texture, strength and light absorptive properties. Facial tissues are also useful when applying makeup, especially eyeshadows and lipsticks. A facial tissue placed under your eyes helps catch any eyeshadow fallouts without the risk of smudging with a fan brush. Many women use facial tissues to blot their lips before applying another layer of lipstick. Facial tissues can be used for more than just makeup. Tissues can be used to cushion delicate items and are useful for quick cleanups of spills and dusting. Why should you use facial tissues for work? Facial tissues are an effective way to keep germs away from people working in close quarters. Facial tissues are versatile and practical because they offer comfort and softness, along with durability. A box of quality tissues can make your workplace more welcoming and inviting by being kept in common areas such as breakout rooms. Yafeng Paper Co., Ltd. carries a variety of facial tissues that can be used at work and at home. We have many options for you to choose from, whether you need a bulk order of facial tissues or a smaller package.
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